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Alcon Insurance Services

Alcon Insurance Services

Medicaid Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs) allow individuals to enroll in or make changes to their Medicaid coverage outside of the regular enrollment periods. These periods typically occur in specific circumstances, such as:

1. Change in Household: This could include marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, or death that affects household composition.
2. Change in Income: If your income changes significantly, you may qualify for Medicaid or qualify for a different level of coverage.
3. Loss of Other Coverage: If you lose your job-based insurance or coverage through a family member, you may be eligible for Medicaid.
4. Gaining Citizenship or Lawful Presence: If you were previously ineligible due to citizenship or immigration status but gain lawful presence, you may qualify for Medicaid.
5. Certain Other Life Events: Some states may have additional circumstances that trigger a Special Enrollment Period.

Each state’s Medicaid program has its own rules and guidelines for Special Enrollment Periods, so it’s essential to check with your state’s Medicaid agency or visit the website for information specific to your situation.

Understanding insurance options can be daunting with terms like deductibles, co-insurance, and maximum out-of-pocket expenses. As an independent insurance agent, I specialize in demystifying these complexities to tailor plans that suit your unique needs. With access to multiple insurance carriers, I offer a comprehensive range of options including Medicare plans, supplemental coverage, Medicare Advantage, under-65 health insurance, dental, cancer, critical illness, vision, and prescription coverage, ensuring most health needs are met.

Additionally, I provide term life, final expenses, and whole life insurance plans. Located in Macomb, Michigan, I am licensed in Michigan, Arizona, Vermont, and Florida. Whether through virtual consultations or in-person visits, I’m committed to finding the perfect plan for you. Reach out at (586) 467-5775 to begin exploring your insurance options today.

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